Here to Serve—At Home and in the Workplace

helping hand with the sky sunset backgroundThank you for joining me over the course of this getting to know my services series. It is my pleasure and passion to bring my work as a Healthcare provider, Yoga Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, and Certified Healing Touch Practitioner into the world each day.

As a nurse practitioner, I recognize the importance of Self-Care in our everyday lives and it is because of this that I not only offer yoga classes in local studios, in the workplace and nursing facilities, I also make House Calls.

I believe there should never be a barrier to our Self-Care practices, including a daily yoga practice. Whether you have a busy schedule that means you can’t attend an in-person class, or you’re simply more comfortable with one-on-one private instruction in the home, I am proud to be able to come to you to assist in your Self-Care practices. I have also developed a unique skill set, allowing me to offer Chair Yoga both as an option for in the workplace as well as for seniors who are homebound.

Home Services

My Home Services also extend to offer private Thai Yoga Massage sessions as well as Healing Touch, both for humans and animals. Thai Yoga Massage is a traditional healing system that combines acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, assisted yoga postures, and breathing and meditation techniques to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation.

Woman practicing reiki therapyHaving rescued and fostered over 120 dogs with my husband over the last two decades, I have a lifetime of experience working with animals and it’s a true passion of mine to bring self-care and healing to animals in addition to people. I completed my training in canine massage and was trained in Healing Touch for animal practitioners, by Carol Komitor, Founder of Healing Touch for Animals. I work with animals in the clients’ homes where the animal is most comfortable. Finally, Geriatric Consults, mentioned in-depth in my last post, are another way to bring my services into your home.

But my services and programs don’t end in the home. I also have made it a point to offer my most powerful programs in the workplace as well. Through my newest venture, Self-Care Providers, I have teamed up with Kelly Richey, life + dream coach, spiritual director, health + wellness coach, writing facilitator and inspirational speaker, to bring these compelling and influential programs directly into the workplace. My years of experience in the healthcare field and the physical healing world of yoga, coupled with Kelly’s knowledge and training as a life coach and spiritual director make us a powerful dream-team, and allows Self-Care Providers to be the focal point of a series of deeply influential wellness programs.

Our mantra is that “The Best Healthcare is Self-Care,” and I am thrilled to share with you the power of Self-Care for your overall health and well-being. As Self-Care Providers we have literally created a practice that revolves around teaching and sharing the value of Self-Care, and we work together to deliver our signature Lunch & Learn program, as well as half-day and full-day workshops focusing on the Power of Self-Care.

This new Self-Care Providers Lunch and Learn Program is a powerful in-depth introduction to the Power of Self-Care at the highest level. As a participant, you will be immersed in a series of activities and practices designed to foster wellness, professional development, motivation, and mindfulness. Elements of Kelly’s Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction are combined with my Nurse Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher experience, offering you simple, healthy and compassionate practices for busy, burnt-out and stressed employees. You will walk away with a simple yet powerful Self-Care toolkit for the Mind, Body, and Spirit, that you can apply directly into your daily life. The Power of Self-Care Lunch & Learn Program is also CEU-eligible! For more information on this life-changing program, Click HERE.