Inspirational Speaking to Shift your Mindset

The final aspect of the Wellness 360 Wheel and my last service offering is Mindset and Inspirational Speaking, respectively. As an Inspirational Speaker, I work hard to share my own story, one that is full of a lifetime of experiences. From overcoming debilitating dyslexia and learning disabilities, to living my dream life on the road as a professional musician- with all of the adversity, opportunity and struggle that that title represents, and finally to 10 years of sobriety, spiritual growth and personal development which has led me to my life coaching practice and my life’s true purpose.

Inspirational Speaker

Fingers ConnectingAs an Inspirational Speaker, I use my own stories and music to connect with my audience on a personal level through humor, humility and my spirit. These life lessons did not come easy, and that is perhaps the part of my message that resonates so deeply with my audience. I have been where you are. I know how the struggle feels, and I know how meaningful the impact of receiving guidance and motivation is in the healing process. My hope for you is that my speaking will challenge you to achieve more, fear less and challenge the status quo to find a more meaningful path.

To look at Inspirational Speaking through the lens of ​mindset ​ is to show you how your frame of mind affects the entire way in which you move through this life. Your mindset directly impacts the way you perceive the world around you, it is constantly shaping the way you see yourself and your existence – your struggles as well as your successes. A growth mindset will empower you, and allow you to accept yourself and embrace your gifts in whatever form they come, as it is the way you frame all of your thoughts and experiences.

I challenge you, through my personal stories of adversity, opportunity, and recognizing my own life’s purpose, to shift your mindset and reframe the way you think in a way that enables you to grow and transform as a person.

FlowerI am thrilled to be able to share my experiences with you through Inspirational Speaking and deliver you through your own mindset shifts and realize all of the power that already exists within you. Delivering as an Inspirational Speaker, Inspirational Talk Topics include: Power of Self-Care, Mental Health & Wellness, My Journey: Struggles, Gifts & Dreams. You can learn more about me as an Inspirational Speaker at ​​ or contact me to discuss booking availability.