Nurse Practitioner

Nurse-Practitioner-Landscape-2Welcome to another edition of Tamara White: Get to Know My Services. Today I want to talk about my role as a Nurse Practitioner, not just my years of experience and educational background, which we touched upon the other day, but a very important aspect of my practice: Geriatric Consulting.

I am proud to practice at Sound Physicians, in Cincinnati, as well as see patients daily in nursing homes, assisted living and in hospice, but it is through my Geriatric Consults that I am able to really round out my abilities and services as a healthcare provider. Think of Geriatric Consulting as a way to provide physical and psychological health evaluation services for older adults and their families. It can include direct healthcare, mental and emotional health care or simply assistance with issues that are interfering with the older adult’s quality of life.


There are many issues associated with the aging process: physical issues in the form of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, hearing loss or loss of eyesight; emotional issues like the transition to a retirement or nursing home, or the loss of loved ones, all the way through to dealing with the end of life. There are a myriad of issues that can arise and affect an elderly person’s health and quality of life. It is my job to assess these issues as they arise, to assist in helping my patients to cope with these issues, and to support the families of my patients as they also try to make their way through the end of life process.

Sunset years. Admirable neat medical worker making sure elderly lady standing firm while she trying taking a little walk at homeI sit down with families and ask the question, “Where are we now and what are our goals?” Through these sessions, we discuss disease trajectories as well as advanced care planning. A Geriatric Consult can be a one-time consult or an ongoing comprehensive healthcare case management plan. Through these consults, I am able to make sure my services are put to the best use possible in helping older adults not only maintain a high quality of life through their senior years but also to help them be as healthy and happy as possible.

I am committed to my role as a Nurse Practitioner with a special emphasis on Geriatric Consults to help you and the aging loved ones in your life function with health and grace. These consults can occur in person, via phone or Skype.  If you’re interested in scheduling a Geriatric Consult for you or someone you love, please email or call 513-608-4411 to schedule a session. You can learn more about my story at