Wellness 360 Coach

Possibility and Hope

I believe that Wellness is an all-encompassing entity and that a Holistic approach to Wellness – meaning taking the whole of a person into account – is the one that will produce the most life-changing results. Within my health and wellness practice, this concept is referred to as the Wellness 360 wheel and it is one of the most essential elements within this wheel that I’d like to discuss today: Purpose.

Perhaps when you hear the word purpose you think of your occupation or the title that you hold – but purpose is so much more than your job title. Your purpose on this Earth is about what fulfills you mentally and emotionally, it gives a deeper meaning to your life and even helps you understand your own existence. Each of us has a unique purpose in this life: something we were designed to do and to be.

I feel so immensely grateful that I get to share ​my purpose​ with you as a Life Coach and Dream Coach to help you discover ​your true purpose.​ In 2009, I began my journey to become a Life Coach, also gaining certifications as a Dream Coach and True Purpose Coach. But what exactly does this mean for you?

As a Life Coach, I help my clients discover their path into wholeness and uncover the things that get in their way. These focused sessions are rich with insight and inspiration. Sessions are dynamic, filled with thoughtful intensity, and include a structured approach to provide a safe as well as challenging space for clients to move past their comfort zone and explore new possibilities on the road to discovering their true purpose.

Life Coaching to Uncover your Purpose

An essential element of this life coaching practice is True Purpose Coaching. I received my certification for this life-changing practice in 2012 through the ​True Purpose Institute​. I take clients through a process designed to help them identify the specific obstacles that hold them back from doing what they truly love. Living a life of true purpose requires self-discovery, commitment, and a willingness to grow. Personal growth invites us to move past our comfort zone and explore new possibilities. For years I mistook talent for purpose; our purpose is really what we do with our talents.

Your true purpose will help guide you as you make your way through life, it will help you to grow as a human and as a spirit and to not only rise above the challenges you face in life but to find greater meaning within those challenges. Your purpose is your passion, it brings you joy and allows you to share your unique gifts with the world.

Dream CoachingDream Coach

Another central practice of my life coaching is Dream Coaching, a certification I received from Dream University​. I employ a powerful ten-session method that provides you with the tools to live a deeply satisfying life. The dream coach process is a fun and fascinating way of learning how to identify your goals. It also shows you exactly what steps to take to ensure that your goals and dreams don’t vanish into thin air, but instead become laser-focused into reality.

Finding your true purpose and path is a deeply personal, healing, and often spiritual experience. It takes time and intention, and it can feel incredibly vulnerable, which is why it’s important to have an experienced, empathic and truly caring Life Coach by your side during this time of discovery. I take my responsibility very seriously as your Life Coach, since finding your purpose not only brings meaning to your life but changes the way you look at yourself and view the world in a powerful, life-changing way. If you are ready to get started with Life Coaching, there is no better time than now. I can’t wait to help guide you to all the new discoveries that are waiting for you. Head on over to ​www.kellyrichey.com​ to book a call today and get started on this powerful journey.