Thursday Night Virtual Yoga with Tami & Kelly – 7 pm

Our theme this week is CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM, our word is IMAGINATION, and our essential oil is YLANG YLANG.


Our focus for the week will be on how yoga helps to condition the cardiovascular system. “The heart gets stronger, blood vessels relax improving blood flow and even the blood itself is changed in health-promoting ways.” From the book “50 Ways to Heal a Yogi,” by Dr. Timothy McCall, MD

Yoga for cardiovascular system

For the next two weeks, we are going to focus on how yoga helps the Heart. Our Asana practice of movement helps to stimulate the blood flow throughout the body and has been shown to increase levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to our tissues, and twisting poses assist in wringing out the internal organs. Inversion poses are poses where the Heart is higher than the head—such as Downward Dog. Inversion poses increase the flow of freshly oxygenated venous blood from the legs and pelvis back to the Heart.

I look forward to seeing everyone on their mats this week as we begin our journey towards a happier and healthier heart!

This Week’s Word is IMAGINATION:

“We all have active, beautiful imaginations. Why not imagine life working out beautifully, exactly the way we want it to?“ by Amanda Sides, “108 Themes For Your Yoga Practice.”

This Week’s Essential Oil is YLANG YLANG:

doTERRA Essential Oils – We’ll also talk about essential oils.  This week’s oil is Ylang Ylang. I picked this oil because of the beautiful smell. It helps to reduce daily stress, and it can be taken internally for antioxidant support.


Our props for the week – mat, pillow strap & blocks.

We look forward to seeing you as we continue to build a virtual community together!
One breath, one stretch, one affirmation… at a time!


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