Celebrating Our Struggles – FREE Sampler and Fall Session!

Sunday, November 1st, 2020 
Celebrating Our Struggles – FREE Sampler!
Facilitator: Kelly Richey

Date: 11-1-2020
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm


Note:  This program is a free offering, but you must register to attend.

Saturday’s, November 7th – December 12th, 2020
Celebrating Our Struggles – Fall Session!
Facilitator: Kelly Richey

Date: 11-7-2020 to 12-12-2020
Time: 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm


Note: Scholarships are available.

Celebrating-Our-Struggle - Writing Series with Kelly Richey

Celebrating Our Struggles Class Description:

Strengthen your spiritual core while exploring the power of self-care. This six-week class invites you on a journey to a greater sense of purpose and self-worth. Using Women Writing for (a) Change® practices we will focus on writing both during and outside of class as a means of discovery and affirmation of who we, as individuals, truly are. Join us as we learn to locate the sacred in all that life brings.

Week 1 – Learning to Love Ourselves

In week one, we begin the journey of learning to love ourselves.  We shift our focus from our imperfections to the gifts that we have, we make friends with our Inner Critic, and we explore the power of that positive affirmations hold when practiced.

Week 2 – Self Care – Is an Act of Love

In week two, we begin creating a daily self-care practice that supports our journey.  Learning to LOVE ourselves requires practice, and through the power of self-care, our gifts begin to emerge.

Week 3 – What Do Our Stories Have to Say

In week three, we looked at the stories we tell about ourselves. Are we allowing our wounds or our gifts to define who we are, and how might we reframe our narrative to best reflect the person we are learning to love…?

Week 4 – Our Gifts Are Sacred Treasures

In week four, we reflect on the gifts we have discovered and how they are the sacred treasures of our souls. Through daily self-care practices, we learn to view ourselves as sacred, and someone worthy of our love.

Week 5 – Living Into Our Dreams

In week five, we ask the question— What if our dreams were a journey and not a destination, what would we dream…? We explore how our dreams give meaning and purpose to our lives; and through learning to love ourselves, we allow ourselves to dream.

Week 6 – I Carry My Light into the World

In week six, we celebrate the gifts we have discovered, the struggles we have overcome, and allow ourselves to dream… as we carry our light into the world…?