Women’s Writing Workshops For Self-Exploration


Explore the gift of writing, discover the power of the pen, and experience how a piece of paper always listens!

As a writing facilitator, Kelly Richey delivers writing programs that focus on healing, self-reflection, personal growth, development, and spiritual formation. 

Kelly’s unique blend of life experience and training in the healing arts make her programs a powerful resource for healing and transformation. The programs welcome first-time writers and experienced writers and are available in-person and online.

Celebrating Our Struggles 6-Week Class Description

Strengthen your spiritual core while exploring the power of self-care. This six-week class invites you on a journey to a greater sense of purpose and self-worth. 

We will focus on writing during and outside of class as a means of discovery and affirmation of who we, as individuals, truly are. Join us as we learn to locate the sacred in all that life brings.

Week 1 – Learning to Love Ourselves
We begin the journey of learning to love ourselves. We shift our focus from our imperfections to the gifts that we have, we make friends with our Inner Critic, and we explore the power of that positive affirmations hold when practiced.

Week 2 – Self Care – Is an Act of Love
We begin creating a daily self-care practice that supports our journey. Learning to LOVE ourselves requires practice, and through the power of self-care, our gifts begin to emerge.

Week 3 – What Do Our Stories Have to Say
We look at the stories we tell about ourselves. Are we allowing our wounds or our gifts to define who we are, and how might we reframe our narrative to best reflect the person we are learning to love…?

Week 4 – Our Gifts Are Sacred Treasures
We reflect on the gifts we have discovered and how they are the sacred treasures of our souls. Through daily self-care practices, we learn to view ourselves as sacred, and someone worthy of our love.

Week 5 – Living Into Our Dreams
We ask the question— What if our dreams were a journey and not a destination, what would we dream…? We explore how our dreams give meaning and purpose to our lives; and through learning to love ourselves, we allow ourselves to dream.

Week 6 – I Carry My Light into the World
We celebrate the gifts we have discovered, the struggles we have overcome, and allow ourselves to dream… as we carry our light into the world…?

Women Writing for (a) ChangeWhat is Women Writing for (a) Change

For more than 25 years, Women Writing for (a) Change® has provided a safe and non-competitive environment for individuals to develop their writing skills, cultivate their creativity and strengthen their voices. Although most classes are for women or young women, occasional classes include men and boys. Women Writing for (a) Change® offers supportive writing circles to nurture and celebrate the individual voice. Classes encourage self-expression through the art of writing and other creative processes. In writing circles and specialty classes, participants explore and work in a variety of genres, including journal-writing, poetry, prose, essay, song-writing, fiction, and more.

At WWf(a)C, writers, whether first-timers or the more experienced, find community, connection and meaningful conversation within Writing Circles. WWf(a)C encourages writing as a process of self-discovery and self-expression—a celebration of the individual voice. Classes provide a unique setting in which honoring each other’s words enriches participants’ lives.

Women Writing for (a) Change + Mobile

WWf(a)C+Mobile is an affiliate school of WWf(a)C, and was established by Kelly Richey, in 2019.  This school is part of a national network of writing schools that provide a safe and non-competative space for groups and individuals to write and to be heard.  WWf(a)C circle practices are a powerful tool for small groups or organizations seeking personal and professional development, team building, or conflict resolution. Contact Kelly Richey today and see how WWf(a)C+Mobile might be right for your organization.


Kelly holds several life-coaching, personal, and spiritual development certifications, including:

  • Certified True Purpose Coach™ and True Purpose Coach Group Leader™
  • Certified Dream Coach™ and Dream Coach Group Leader™
  • Certified Facilitator, Women Writing for (a) Change®
  • Graduate of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA)
  • Trained in Parts Work, Voice Dialogue, and Shadow Work
  • Spiritual Director, trained at Wellstreams Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH, and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)
  • Certified Wellness 360 Coach, and a member of the International Association for Wellness Professionals


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