Self Care Doesn’t Mean Self-Comfort

Relax and DestressOver the course of this 5-Part Series, we’ve talked about what Self-Care is (as well as what it isn’t) and why it’s important. We’ve discussed a number of different types of Self-Care and how and why you might practice each one. We delved into the guilt we sometimes feel when we try to prioritize our Self-Care as well as other barriers to practicing Self-Care like a lack of time or energy. Today, in the final installment of this series, we’re going to talk about how Self-Care doesn’t always mean Self-Comfort.

Self-Care doesn’t always feel good. Self-Care is all about taking care of yourself and making sure your own needs are met, and with that in mind, sometimes Self-Care looks less like a spa day and more like having a difficult financial conversation with your partner.

Here’s the thing: change is hard, trying to make yourself a better person can be difficult and uncomfortable. But engaging in behaviors that are self-destructive or unhealthy in the name of Self-Care is just as bad. Watching three more episodes of a show on Netflix instead of prioritizing your sleep? Not Self-Care. Taking a day off from work in the name of R&R when you’re really avoiding a troublesome conversation with your boss? Not Self-Care.

It is when you really start delving into the true meaning of Self-Care – what it is and what it can do for you, that you’ll be able to recognize these differences.

Explore the real Power of Self-Care

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This six-part series can be delivered to large groups and small groups. Facilitation is led through breakout groups, pair shares, journaling, or in intimate settings, using Women Writing for (a) Change, writing circle principles. Self-care focus points can also include nutrition, yoga, essential oils, life purpose, and creative development. The Power of Self Care Lunch & Learn program is also CEU-eligible!

We start with universal themes and work with you to hone both messages and outcomes. Core themes offered include:

The Power of Self-Care – Six-Part Series:

Part 1 – Learning to Love Ourselves
Part 2 – Self Care – Is an Act of Love
Part 3 – What Do Our Stories Have to Say
Part 4 – Our Gifts Are Sacred Treasures
Part 5 – Living Into Our Dreams
Part 6 – I Carry My Light into the World

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