Kelly Richey – Certified Wellness 360 Coach IAWP
New Signature Series – Celebrating Our Struggles

Celebrating Our Struggles
A Journey Towards Wholeness

Discover a greater sense of purpose and self-worth.

Celebrating Our Struggles is a six-step process that I use in my own life, with one-on-one coaching clients, and in small group settings as a writing facilitator. Each of the six steps can be an individual focus point, but when offered as a series, this program allows you to grow, heal, and to discover the gifts you have.


What You Will Learn

You will learn to love yourself on a deeper level and develop self-care practices that work. You will be invited to reflect on your own stories’ narrative—they’re how you define yourself. We will look at what it means to hold something as sacred and explore what it takes to view ourselves as sacred and someone worth loving. We will dare to look at our dreams as a journey rather than a destination. And finally, we will look at the gifts we have discovered, those gifts that make us who we are, and how we might carry our gifts, as lights, into the world.

Learn to Love Yourself

In step one, you begin the journey of learning to love yourself. You will shift your focus from your imperfections to the gifts that you have, make friends with your Inner Critic, and explore the power of that positive affirmations hold when practiced.

Create a Daily Self-Care Practice

In step two, you begin creating a daily self-care practice that supports your journey. Learning to LOVE yourself requires practice, and through the power of self-care, your gifts begin to emerge.

Discover What Your Story Has to Say

In step three, you look at the stories you tell about yourself. Are you allowing your wounds or your gifts to define who you are, and how might you reframe your narrative to best reflect the person you are learning to love?

Your Gifts Are Sacred Treasures

In step four, you reflect on the gifts you have discovered and how they are the sacred treasures of your soul. Through your daily self-care practice, you learn to view yourself as sacred, and someone worthy of your love.

Living Fully Into Your Dreams

In step five, what if your dreams were a journey and not a destination, what would you dream? You will explore how dreams give meaning and purpose to your life; and how loving yourself, empowers you to dream.

Carry Your Light into the World

In step six, you celebrate the gifts you have discovered, the struggles you have overcome, and you allow yourself to dream, as you carry your gifts as light into the world.

Learning to Love Yourself


Kelly Richey holds several life-coaching, personal, and spiritual development certifications, including:

Certified True Purpose Coach™ and True Purpose Coach Group Leader™
Certified Dream Coach™ and Dream Coach Group Leader™
Certified Facilitator, å Writing for (a) Change®
Graduate of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA)
Trained in Parts Work, Voice Dialogue, and Shadow Work
Spiritual Director, trained at Wellstreams Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH, and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)
Health and Wellness Professional, and a member of the International Association for Wellness Professionals