For as long as I can remember, I have pursued my dreams.  My dream started as a performer, recording artist, and guitar instructor, but after 1 million miles, 4,000 shows, and 16 CDs, I began losing my passion for what I loved most. Life on the road and the stress of my career had taken its toll on my health, and I knew I needed help.  I found a coach and began my healing journey. I got sober, and in 9 months, I lost 50 pounds. Ten years later, I’m still sober, I’ve kept the weight off, and my life is filled with meaning and purpose.

My mission is to help people gain clarity on their life purpose, overcome fear and shame, and design a healing path for wholeness. My unique blend of life experience, and training in the healing arts, make my programs and services a powerful resource for people seeking healing and transformation.  My services are available to you in-person and online.


What if your dreams were a journey and not a destination, what would you dream?

Dreams do not have to be big to be important, and dreams do not have to make money to have value. Some people dream of losing weight, finding the right life partner, pursuing a passion, others dream of finding the courage to leave a job, or a relationship that is unhealthy. To accomplish any dream, you need clarity, a clear path, and support. As a Dream Coach, this is what I offer, and more. I will help you gain clarity, take action, and support you in achieving your dreams.

What stands between us and our dreams? We do. I spent my life setting goals and accomplishing them—I know how to get things done. My mission is to help people embrace their dreams as a journey, not a destination, create a path towards wholeness, overcome fears and obstacles, and provide support and accountability, so your dreams can come true—each day.

Step-by-Step Dream Coach Process

The following process is a basic outline of what a coach can do for a client throughout the relationship.

Step #1 – Set An Intention
Step #2 – Maintain Integrity
Step #3 – Live On Purpose
Step #4 – Access Your Dreamer
Step #5 – Learn From Your Doubter
Step #6 – Believe In Your Dreams
Step #7 – Personal Practices
Step #8 – Take Serious Steps Forward
Step #9 – Building Your Dream Team
Step #10 – Live As A Dreamer

Consider the above when you meet with a coach, and be open to the ideas and dreams that can benefit your life to make it the best life possible.


Do you feel there is a calling on your life? Do you desire to make a difference in the world?  

As an artist, someone who was driven to follow their dreams, for years, I mistook my talent for my purpose.  Our purpose is what we do with our talents, and it’s what brings meaning and joy to our lives. As a True Purpose Coach, I will teach you proven methods for finding what you were most designed to do and to be. You will learn how to access your internal GPS, build a connection with your inner voice, what I’ve come to call my Trusted Source, and get detailed information for living your life in alignment with your true purpose.  

My mission is to help others to discover the power that lies beyond fear and negative believing, get detailed information of who they are at their core.  Know your Essence, your Blessing, and your Mission so that you can live life as your most authentic self. Connect, Discover, and start living your True Purpose today.

Discover Your True Purpose

What You Were Most Designed to Do and to Be:     
Life’s Purpose, The Ego, The Unconscious, The Soul

What Does Purpose Look Like?
The Components of Purpose: Essence, Blessing, Mission

12 Methods for Clarifying True Purpose
Method 1: Purpose Hunting™
Method 2: The Essence Conversation
Method 3: Prayer
Method 4: Meditation
Method 5: Journaling
Method 6: Dreaming
Method 7: Voice Dialogue
Method 8: Guided Meditation
Method 9: Hypnotherapy
Method 10: Dream Work
Method 11: Journey Work Chapter
Method 12: Pathfinding

Living Your Purpose:
Making purposeful choices, synchronicity, communicating your purpose to others, ongoing dialogue with your trusted source.



360 I’m a Certified Wellness 360 Coach, and a member of the International Association for Wellness Professionals (IAWP) – the global leader in holistic health and wellness training. As an IAWP Wellness Coach, I’m trained in wellness, holistic health and nutrition, natural health and the CORE Coaching method – skills that have allowed me to help others create lasting changes with their health. My goal is to support you to reach your health goals and create a life you love to wake up to everyday.


What is Voice Dialogue? Voice Dialogue is a process a powerful tool I use with clients to help them transform the parts of their psyche; the Inner Critic, the Procrastinator, the Controller, the Saboteur, the Inner Child; and the list goes on. We all have parts within us, and when these parts are not aligned with our goals, personal growth and transformation becomes difficult. Through Voice Dialogue facilitation, clients get to know and transform resistant parts, and bring inner harmony to their lives.

The Theory of Voice Dialogue

You are not one, but many. Voice Dialogue is the basic method for discovering parts that make up our psyche, connecting with, learning about, and working with the many parts that make up each of us.

The aim of Voice Dialogue is to strength their “Aware Ego” and give them more choice and power in our lives.

It helps you determine the way you see the world, control your behavior, and limit your choices. Most people are controlled by the incessant chatter that goes on in the mind. Voice Dialogue helps you to learn to be more than any one of your individual parts.
This process enriches bodywork, writing, meditation, yoga, and weight loss programs.

Learn how the difficulties in your life and relationships can be a source for creative change, that gives you greater control over your life and behavior and adds more joy.

Voice Dialogue was initially developed in 1972 by Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD.

The One-on-One Coaching Process

Coaching sessions can occur in person, via phone or Skype.


Kelly holds several life-coaching, personal, and spiritual development certifications, including:

  • Certified True Purpose Coach™ and True Purpose Coach Group Leader™
  • Certified Dream Coach™ and Dream Coach Group Leader™
  • Certified Facilitator, Women Writing for (a) Change®
  • Graduate of the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy (CFLA)
  • Trained in Parts Work, Voice Dialogue, and Shadow Work
  • Spiritual Director, trained at Wellstreams Spirituality Network, in Columbus, OH, and a member of Spiritual Directors International (SDI)
  • Certified Wellness 360 Coach, and a member of the International Association for Wellness Professionals


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